Strategic Plans
It’s almost impossible to get somewhere unless you know where you want to go. The best organizations have clear visions, goals, and strategies on how to get there. This can be a complex process requiring significant time and a fresh set of eyes. When you want to catapult your organization to a new level, look to KMTC to help you create a new, vibrant strategic plan that will help your organization leap into the future. All strategic plan engagements ar e custom-designed to meet your specific needs, culture, scope, and budget.

Retreat and Meeting Facilitation
Whether it’s an annual review of your strategic plan or a meeting to deliberate on ways to address critical issues facing the organization, you need an expert facilitator who knows how to get input and buy-in from all and generate forward momentum.

Stakeholder outreach and engagement
Organizations need meaningful input from a variety of stakeholders before the highest quality decisions can be made. Often stakeholders such as board members, donors, potential partners, and community leaders have creative ideas that won’t be captured without special attention to outreach through interviews, surveys, and more. Don’t skip this necessary step in formation of your strategy. Let KMTC help you do a thorough outreach process that will give you the information you need to make good decisions for the organization, and nurture positive relationships with key stakeholders.

Organizational awareness and positioning analysis
Your non-profit was started for a good reason. But has your organization kept up with the evolving needs of the community? If your organization disappeared, would anyone care? Before you can make significant decisions about your organization’s business plan, it is essential to understand where your organization stacks up. Who are the stakeholders that are critical to the organization’s future, and how do they view the organization? How has the market for your services evolved? Who are the competitors? Who are the users of the services, and who will support these services? KMTC can help you answer all these questions and more.

Executive coaching
It is lonely at the top. The challenges are coming at you faster than you can react, and yet you know you can’t sacrifice the future for the day-to-day. Let KMTC help you to evaluate your current situation and chart a more productive and sustainable path forward.