Planning for consensus
When you need busy people to come together to discuss important issues and even decide on a way forward, you need a well-structured process. What is the goal of the process? Who needs to be at the table? What information will they need? How many times will they meet? Let KMTC help you structure a productive process that will incorporate input from all parties, and achieve consensus.

Task Force and Meeting facilitation
When a major community issue is at stake, you need a third party who knows how to get input and make sense of complex issues when many diverse stakeholders are at the table. Whether it’s one short or a series, KMTC offers expert facilitation services and the ability to synthesize the input for the formation of a recommendation or plan.

Stakeholder outreach
Public bodies need meaningful input from a variety of stakeholders before the highest quality decisions can be made. Often stakeholders have creative solutions to the problems communities are trying to solve. Don’t wait until the plan or staff report is done before contacting those who will be affected. Let KM Thibodeaux Consulting help you do a thorough outreach process that will contribute to a positive solution.

Benchmarking study
Chances are, you’re not the first person or organization to tackle the issue at hand. Why reinvent the wheel? Let KMTC help you conduct a benchmarking study so that you can take the best ideas from others and incorporate these into your planning and community engagement process.